queer gaymes — A collection of games by queer people about queer experiences

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There’s also a Kindle option!
What’s inside 
-A fantastic essay on disability and queerness by +Brie Sheldon
-“Out”, by Tobi Aboud, a narrative, scene-based game where players deal with their sexuality in terms of other life events
-“Becoming Ourselves” by Willow Palecek, a two-person game about transitioning and cisgendered allies. It’s also unique in that it encourages cis players to play a transgendered protagonist character, and trans players to take the role of the cis ally.
+Julia Ellingboe‘s phenomenal essay on beauty standards
-“Glitter Pits” by +Kat Jones  , a card-based game about actively challenging and changing western beauty standards
-“Comfort and Warmth” by Adam McConnaughey, in which queer youth and vampires go camping together. Sometimes they’re the same people.
-“The Kiss of Walt Whitman Still On My Lips” by Taylor LaBresh. A game about magical artifacts and queer romance in the Reconstruction Era.
-Scout Munroe’s brilliant essay on the nonbinary experience
-“Mx. Universe” by +Stephanie Bryant and+Tobias Strauss. A LARP about gender presentation, beauty, and nonstandard fashion. Also has some elements of ball culture, which was my personal favorite.
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~ Call for Submissions ~

We are putting together a book of games – including tabletop roleplaying games (TRPGs) and live action roleplay games (LARPs).  We seek stylistic, well-crafted games crafted by queer* people on diverse topics and experiences. We invite intense and personal games that give players insight into the events you have witnessed and how they have affected you. We also invite fantastical and artistic games that give players an opportunity to romp through a wonderland of your own creation. No matter what your interest is, we invite your game!

We are seeking out about 20-30 entries for this book.

We will run 3 to 5 of the submitted larp games at Double Exposure’s DEXCON 2016, depending on our staffing and intensity.

Suggested themes to include in your game include:

  • Intentional families
  • Trust and boundaries
  • Intimate personal relationships
  • Kink and non-normative relationships
  • Fluidity of identities
  • Stigma and shame
  • “Passing”
  • Microaggressions or microaffirmations
  • Intersections of queerness and: disability, mental illness, race, language

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Able to be succinctly summarized in a rules document of no more than seven (7) pages (not counting character sheets, title page, and other appendix content)
  • Low mechanical load – freeform preferred but not required
  • Written primarily by a queer* person
  • Written for any number of players, lower and upper limits of 2 players to 15 players.
  • Written as a new unpublished game between the announcement date in February 2016 and the final submission date of May 1st 2016.
  • Featuring at least one queer character in the game, or the opportunity for players to determine their characters’ identities.

Prizes & Grading

We’ll be offering some privately funded prizes! Woot woot!

$50 to the best game written in each of the following three categories:

a. Best Intersectional Game Involving Experiences of Queer People of Color
(judged by: Julia Ellingboe)

b. Best Intersectional Game Involving Experiences of Queer Disabled People
(judged by: Brianna Sheldon)

c. Best Intersectional Game Involving Experiences of Nonbinary People
(judged by: Scout Munroe; alternate: Scarlett Shiloh )


Need ideas? Here’s a few!

What’s your favorite classic book or TV series? Queerify it! (Just make sure it’s either in the public domain, or you file off the serial numbers well!)

Do some research on a queer person in history, and write a game about them. Examples.

Take a look at this list of LGBTQ* characters in fiction and see if you derive any inspiration from them.

How do I even write a game? 

Don’t worry! There’s a lot of guidelines and support out there for those who are not sure how to do this. For examples of the kind of short games we’re looking for, check out the games by Golden Cobra or From the LARP Factory. 

I don’t wanna do this alone… 

Don’t worry! We can connect you to someone who is also looking for a buddy. They probably won’t be local to you but you hopefully will make a new online friend!  Just email us.   We recommend using GoogleHangouts to coordinate things once you get connected.


Books cost money… where does the money go? 

Glad you asked! 100% of the money made by this book is donated to The Trevor Project. 

Prizes cost money… can I give you money so you can give other people money?

OMG YES. Please! If you have the funds to spare, we’d totally appreciate it. We prefer Venmo or the Cash app over Paypal; email us to communicate about this. If you donate over $200, we can even let you design your own prize – of which you can be the judge!

Who are you and why are you doing this?

I’m KN Granger, the initiator of this project and editor in chief. I like making games that celebrate diverse experiences. I also like making anthologies, like this one that I helped make, called Advocating Creatively.

Also a vital part of this task force is Jacqueline Bryk, a freelance writer and creator of freeform RPGs about isolation, social pressure, transformation, and family. 


*We will not be cred-checking you – if you identify as anything other than a straight cisgendered person, you are welcome to submit to the anthology. Trans, asexual, and nonbinary folk are very much encouraged to participate.

Unfortunately we do not count you as ‘queer’ if you are a straight cisgendered polyamorous person, or a straight cisgendered kinky person. We welcome persons of diverse identities, but if you’re straight and cisgendered, please consider another role in this project. For example, you can support us as an ally by being a spokesperson to help spread the word about the project, a financial sponsor, or a pro-bono editor. Contact goldfinchgames1(at)gmail(dot)com to get more information.


To contribute, please email your content as a word (.doc or .docX) or .txt document to the project Editor in Chief here. Please no .rtf or .pdf formats.

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